Popping Bubbly Set
Popping Bubbly Set
Popping Bubbly Set

Popping Bubbly Set

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This set includes silver iridescent bubbles encased in a pearly white background.

This ABC set (A-Z) is perfect for learning and play. It comes in a canvas drawstring bag which makes it easy to transport and store your letters. Uppercase and lowercase options are both available.

Number sets include 0-9. Large numbers have a matte finish and small numbers have a clear finish (like all ABC sets).

ABC sets are great for sensory play, sound and letter recognition, active letter match games, birthday cake toppers, and balloon weights. 

These are non-toxic and made with FDA food-safe resin. The letters are best for ages 3+ and up. The size and shape of some letters could pose a choking hazard so children should use with adult supervision.

All sets are handmade so slight variation and imperfections may occur. Sets are non-toxic, FDA compliant, and non-flammable.

Wooden board not included


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